India’s top 10 Achievements in 2023🌸


1. Introduction

In a remarkable feat in 2023, India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft etched its name in history, becoming the first nation to reach the Moon’s South Pole.

2. Fast 5G Rollout

India’s technological prowess shone as it accomplished the world’s fastest 5G rollout. Government figures proudly state that a new 5G site was erected every minute.

3. World’s Largest Meditation Centre

Nestled in Varanasi, India, the Swarved Mahamandir stands as the world’s largest meditation center, with a seating capacity of an astounding 20,000 people.

4. Longest River Cruise

The MV Ganga Vilas, on its epic 50-day journey, achieved a unique milestone as the longest river cruise in the world. Covering 27 river systems in India and Bangladesh, it set a new standard.

5. Record Yoga Session

Surat, Gujarat, hosted an unforgettable event as a Yoga session entered the Guinness Book of World Records with 147,952 participants, emphasizing India’s commitment to well-being.

6. Largest Aircraft Deal

Air India secured its place in history with the world’s largest-ever single-tranche aircraft purchase. A colossal order of 470 planes, valued at over $70 billion, from both Airbus and Boeing.

7. Fastest Growing Economy

India outpaced global economic growth, seizing the fifth position by achieving a staggering 7.8% growth in real GDP during the opening quarter of the financial year 2023.

8. Digital Payments Triumph

MyGovIndia’s data underscored India’s digital prowess, recording an impressive 89.5 million transactions, solidifying its position at the forefront of digital payments globally.

9. Largest Office Building

Surat, Gujarat, proudly boasts the world’s largest office building – the Surat Diamond Bourse, covering a colossal 659,611 square meters, as confirmed by the Guinness World Record.

10. Diwali’s Illumination Record

Ayodhya’s ‘Deepotsav’ set a new Guinness World Record by illuminating the city with over 22.23 lakh diyas during the festival, showcasing India’s rich cultural traditions.

11. Conclusion

In celebrating these extraordinary achievements, India has undoubtedly proven its prowess on the global stage, making significant strides in space exploration, technology, infrastructure, and culture.

12. FAQs

Q1: How did Chandrayaan-3 make history?
A: Chandrayaan-3 became the first spacecraft to reach the Moon’s South Pole in 2023.

Q2: What set India’s 5G rollout apart?
A: India achieved the fastest 5G rollout globally, with a new site installed every minute.

Q3: Where is the world’s largest meditation center located?
A: Varanasi, India, is home to the world’s largest meditation center – Swarved Mahamandir.

Q4: How many planes did Air India order in the largest-ever aircraft deal?
A: Air India placed an order for 470 planes, making it the largest-ever single-tranche aircraft purchase.

Q5: What record did Ayodhya’s ‘Deepotsav’ set?
A: Ayodhya set a Guinness World Record by lighting over 22.23 lakh diyas during ‘Deepotsav.’

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